The 30 Day Challenge

I’ve challenged myself to complete 30 tasks in 30 days that will foster personal growth, expose me to new experiences and ultimately transform me into a “better man.”  Umm…we shall see!  You can participate by reading these posts, commenting on my exploits, and judging my progress for yourself.  I guarantee you’ll learn something useful over the next 30 days – from how to shine your shoes to how to make a budget to how to conquer fear.

This challenge was inspired by the excellent blog “The Art of Manliness,” a resource for the modern man with classic tastes and a desire for personal growth.  I’ll be following their “Be a Better Man in 30 Days” feature as a guide.

It begins.  Thanks for joining me on the journey through the next 30 days – here goes nothing.

How it Works

Each day I’ll take one of the 30 missions from the list below and describe my experience completing the task.  I’ll reflect, write, take pictures, and share what I’ve learned during the day with you.  My goal is to make this a fun, enlightening and humorous way to spend the next 30 days.

How You Can Help

You are encouraged to post your own thoughts, encouragement, and criticism of each mission.  Reading your feedback will keep me motivated and help me complete all 30 missions.

Posting this entire personal process on a blog is intentional.  I feel I’ll have a greater chance of success if I make a public commitment to both myself and to you, the reader.

What’s the Point

To create new experiences, test my personal discipline, and grow as a human being.  To inspire you to challenge yourself and make your own world a better place.  I can do it.  You can too.

The Missions for the Next 30 Days

(Days will be swapped to accommodate schedule when necessary)

Day 1: Define Your Core Values

Day 2: Shine Your Shoes

Day 3: Find a Mentor

Day 4: Increase Your Testosterone

Day 5: Cultivate Your Gratitude

Day 6: Update Your Resume

Day 7: Reconnect with an Old Friend

Day 8: Start a Journal

Day 9: Take a Woman on a Date

Day 10: Memorize “If”

Day 11: Give Yourself a Testicular Exam

Day 12: Create Your Bucket List

Day 13: Declutter Your Life

Day 14: Write a Letter to Your Father

Day 15: Make a Meal

Day 16: Create a Budget

Day 17: Talk to 3 Strangers

Day 18: Find Your N.U.T.s

Day 19: Schedule a Physical Exam

Day 20: Perform Service

Day 21: Write Your Own Eulogy

Day 22: Improve Your Posture

Day 23: Learn a Manual Skill

Day 24: Play!

Day 25: Start a Debt Reduction Plan

Day 26: Take the Marine Corps Fitness Test

Day 27: Start a Book

Day 28: Write a Love Letter

Day 29: Conquer a Fear

Day 30: Get a Straight Razor Shave

The Soundtrack

The Importance of Being Idle

Getting Better
Spread Your Love
The Hindu Times
Bittersweet Symphony
Married With Children

The Reward

Personal satisfaction for a job well done.  Maybe a root beer.


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